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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 19, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the caribbeans. we have a look at the damage so far and the threat to come. and it will be one of the most watched speeches by president trump. we'll have a preview before his speak toth general assembly. it's tuesday, september 19th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> you know that steve paulson is back? >> yes, he is. >> i know that because he say him right there at his desk. >> glad to see that he is busy. yes. >> takes a few days to catch up. that's not a bad thing. >> we do have a change in the air here. this is going to be the last week of summer but more fall- like. everyone is complaining -- i'm going to be honest. it's fall, what's going on?
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we have a south wind. and now it's turning and it's getting cooler. meteorologist 101. we have some rain dusting up there with higher elevations. we might be looking at more than just a few showers. everything is coming down out of the pacific northwest. the system comes through. a secondary piece of energy is coming in tomorrow night, wednesday into early thursday. that's our best opportunity for any rain to the north. 50s on the temps, a few 40s. 50s, 60s held up here. but 50 woodside. 59 belmont and san mateo. some that are cool off and some very mild. there is a breeze for some but i mean it's more variable than onshort. system will continue to give us a mix of sun and clouds but its avenue going to get stronger as we -- but it's going to get stronger. its avalanche going to be v ery -- it's going to be very
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cool. >> let's go so sal. i'm talking to you. >> okay. i got you. can you hear me. >> no, i can't hear of word of what you are saying me. >> all right. got it. a crash in san francisco that you may have heard about last hour has cleared, eastbound 80. all the lanes are open all the way to the bay bridge. its it's gone now. the traffic is going to be slow. traffic is going to be pretty slow on 205 and 580. it's becoming quite the norm. years ago, it was -- years ago, this was the they have edge of my map -- this was the very edge of my match system but, now, it's been extended,
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as you can see, obviously. you can see that traffic moving very well in both directions here on 880 oakland. 5 is open a good option for you. taking a look at that bay bridge approach, westbound. pretty good when we start seeing the traffic. around them is when they turn the metering lights on. right now, we checked all the bay area bridges. all the bridges are doing very well. at 5:03, back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we are talking about a very big hurricane. right now, hurricane maria is pounding parts of the caribbeans. >> it's impressive. it swept over the small island of dominicka. it briefly weakened to a category 4 but got stronger
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and grew to a category 5. >> hurricane maria could hit many of the same lined heavily damaged by hurricane irma. >> reporter: forecasters are now calling it extremely dangerous. hurricane maria reaching powerful category 5 status on monday, threatening places like puerto rico in the eastern caribbeans, including places def state by hire ma. >> the caribbeans recovering from three storms, now, in the path of another one. >> hurricane warnings have also been issued for the u.s. and british virgin islands. meantime, hurricane jose is now moving north off the u.s. east coast. it is not expected to make land fall but jose has been
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prompting tropical storm watches from delaware up into new england. >> thank you plan on jose? >> we did not. we planned to be here since january. so we were taking a gamble. >> reporter: in some areas, jose has been causing dangerous flood, surfing and rip current, keeping some lifeguards on duty after labor day. >> the rip tides have been really, really vicious: i would say so. >> reporter: in rhode island, five people had to be rescued. this morning, president trump is making his first address to the united nations general assembly. >> he has repeatedly questioned whether the united nations is really useful but, today, he may take a more moderate position. doug luzader joins us live in washington now with more on that. good morning, doug. >> good morning. the president aren't support from conservatives during the campaign for his criticism international organizations like the united nations.
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but he may choose his words carefully today as he tries to win over some of the member states. >> reporter: the president's motorcade will once again whisk him through new york to the united nations. he already spent time there making nice to world leaders and even praised the fundamental ideals around the u.n. >> the united nations was founded on noble ideals. >> in the meantime, the president will push the united nations council on north korea. and then the u.n. it session, an organization that has grown beyond control, something that even the secretary of the u.n. admits. >> people ask me, what keeps
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me up at night? the bureaucracy. >> the u.s. contribute more, more than fifth. >> i wish him all the best. i don't think it's going to happen. i watched these efforts 25 years or more and the effect has been negligeable. >> the president may strike an optimistic stone. he will talk about what he cause the potential of the u.n. >> it will be interesting. we'll tip to follow that story all morning. thank you. governor brown is also in new york, meeting with the u.n. secretary about the paris climate accord. he will talk about how states can remain. the president said is he will pull the u.s. out of that landmark agreement but over
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the weekend, there was a report claiming that the trump administration might negotiate the terms. the top democrat of the house of representatives could not get her message across when she was southed down. >> minority leader nancy pelosi was trying to dream act. that bill would grant legal status to undocumented immigrants brought to this country to this children but she was cut off by a group called the immigration liberation move. the trump administration has been very clear about his agenda and, so, our biggest fear is that we will be used as a bargaining chip to
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advance trump's anti-immigrant agenda. >> they are going to a bank with mo money. the democrats have no political power or capital to carry out the agenda that will be necessary to meet their demands. >> now, he went on to say that democrats dream bill would have a better chance becoming law if republicans did not control both houses of congress as well as the white house. >> today, elected leaders in santa clara county will join community activists and medical professionals to stand in solidarity with immigrants as part of national welcoming week. >> organizers say that event at santa clara valley medical center will emphasize the commitment of providing health care and other service to immigrant communities. national welcoming week is observed across the country with the goal of honoring america's immigrant. time is now 5:09. a woman accused of trying to
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flush her newborn baby down the title will appear in santa clara. she gave birth to that baby in a mcdonald's restaurant bathroom where she was working as a cashier. one coworker claimed that she tried to flush the babive down the patriot but the baby survive. loughner said she didn't know that she was pregnant. and b.a.r.t. police are releasing the video of a woman who they say tried to rob another woman. >> a note said two guns were pointed at a woman and she should give up her phone and
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her wallet. >> we took surveillance from that train car. since we were on of the 9 train, we were able to find out what i had shows and the video corroborate what the victim reported. there was no indication that suspect had a gun but if you recognize her, b.a.r.t. police asks you to contact them. time is now 5:11. >> san francisco residents, you will get a chance to speak out of on whether police officers should carry stun guns. police chief william scott wants his chiefs to carry tasers. other departments allow their officers to carry stun guns and they are less lethal and other options. but critics say that police need better training, and not another weapon. the meeting starts at 6:00
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p.m. 5:11 right now. a bizarre robbery on the peninsula. more on of the robber who hit a donut shop wearing a star wars mask. and the 5 highways that have the worst -- the five highways that have the worst commutes coming up. >> want to see one of those highways? >> this is 880 making your way from richmond to oakland. big change in the air. by the time we head to thursday, that won't feel like the last day of summer. more fall-like. we'll see if more rain is in the forecast.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is now 5:15. san jose police say that a man killed last friday in an officer-involved shooting was involved in a crime spree. jacob dominguez was shot and killed by police. police say that he and two other were involved in a string of robberies. but a friend says dominguez should never have been shot. however, the police chief says that dominguez had a long
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criminal record and even had bragged about wanting to shoot it out with with police if he was caught. >> looks like police are trying to justify the murder. en didn't have a weapon, didn't have a gun. >> two accomplices were arrested two days before dominguez was killed. the charge in the armed robbery of a gas station. some people who live in san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood would like to see gates installed to block the lookout at the popular point. tourists come here often but more criminals are coming now attracted by the tourists. >> nothing good happens at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning at a public park. >> police have increased their patrol in the area and neighbors say that has made a difference. plans to build a new shopping center in oakland
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have stalled because of earn issue of asbestos. now neighbors say that they are left with an eyesore. phase 2 of the shop at the ridge was a vision to build new retails in oakland's rock ridge district. but since the work stopped in april, the three-story building now sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the safeway that was built last year. plans to tear down were stopped after the developer found asbestos during the demolition. >> to leave it as a half demolished shell. >> we have been getting a lot of complaints from the
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neighborhood. >> trc sent a statement to us saying that bank building contains asbestos that is specifically contained in the roof deck and no airborne a arts exist. t r c is working closely with the air management district. trc is rethinking the project because the future of retail is changing. if you have been driving here in the bay area, you know he that traffic is getting worse. now there is a report that confirms it. traffic jams increased 80% in the last year. the annual report says that last year's commute time increased by 9%. this is the fourth year in a row that commute time set new records because the bay area economy is booming, experts say. it's also rough for people who have to sit in traffic especially in the worst
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places. for the second year in a row, the worst commute is during the afternoon on highway 101 in san francisco between the 280 interchange and treasure island. the second worse is westbound 80 between hercules and san francisco and that applies to both the morning and evening drives. next is the afternoon commute on southbound 101. fourth is innocent 680 from mission boulevard and rounding out the five worth commutes, northbound 880 from mowry community to winton avenue in hayward. >> that's a bad one. sal has been talking about some bad traffic stuff here. you started off like that. >> we did works that fatal auto-pedestrian collision on eastbound 880 coming out of san francisco. eastbound 80 right at 4th
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street. a deadly collision with a pedestrian and a car. for a while, three lanes were closed as the fire department, police officers were up on the freeway and the coroner did eventually take away the body of the person killed. traffic was never really that slow, only because it was early in the morning and it did not affect the commute. >> gilroy to san jose, it is going to be a nice commute right through morgan hill. so far, anyway. certainly a lot of people around the road but we don't have enough to make any big slow downs, just yet into the silicon valley. that includes people coming from mountain view towards palo alto. this is a live look aft 280. traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. bay bridge, a little bit of a backup. they may have turned the metering lights up here.
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chp gives the media a heads up if the metering lights have been turned on. i don't see it right now. we'll get to the bottom of it and see if the traffic is getting slower. 5:21. let's bring in stephen with today's forecast. >> i can vouch for that are 880 at the sunol grade. >> yesterday, you were off so you didn't have to worry about that. >> i did not have to worry about that, sal. let's get to it. >> sunday is going to be very fall like. fall is coming in and that will be our best bet for rain. 60s, 70s on also 80s. give that system credit. it held together.
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did chew up the low cloud deck. now the bulk of this went through oregon, also into washington, idaho, montana. there was some snow up in the higher elevation. we were on the southwestern edge of it but enough to stir things up and pick that breeze. 50s, 60s, cool and others pretty warm. gilroy, 52. 51 up in fountain. 59 san jose state. 49 looks like so cal. there is a breeze for some. hayward shows offshore, yet onshore, san francisco, half moon bay and truckey at 37 degrees. does not take long for the mountains to cool off. once you get into the mountains, those lows drop pretty quick. i would think that thursday, there could be some light dusting of snow. thursday early morning. the system coming in, they
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don't have a lot of moisture, some buff not a lot. the end result will be a pretty chilly pattern here. 60s, 70s, to a few near 80 degrees. late wednesday, thursday will feel more fall-like, not summer-like. >> interesting, steve. >> thank you. time is now 5:23. a big legal move planed of by one of the big names in the toy business as we head closer to the holiday season. we'll tell you what toys'r'us are about to do in its stores. and chipotle hit by a sexual harassment lawsuit. what one man said happened to him when he worked in a store in san jose.
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welcome back. toys'r'us is about to file for bankruptcy protection just as the holiday shopping season approaches. of the company has been struggling financially saying that bankruptcy protection will help it deal better with long-term debt. that means that suppliers will continue to stock the shelves. that's important because the earnings of toys'r'us are the strongest during the last quarter of the year. the company wants everybody to know that all 1600 of its stores will stay open at
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least for now. federal authorities have opened of a criminal investigation of that data breach at equifax. the credit monitoring company was also hacked in march but it's not clear if the two hacks involved the same intruders. a security company is investigating both of those hacks. federal authorities are looking into reports that high level equifax executives sold large shares of the company before the news of that hack came out. two people died and hundreds more became hill after a salmonella outbreak is linked to maribol papayas. about a third of still in the hospital. there were actually four salmonella outbreaks involving four farms in mexico.
5:28 am
the c.d.c. is warning restaurants and people, don't serve or eat maridol pa pa yas that come from mexico. a warning from police in berkeley to parents of young kids. what we come back, the alert to families, to be on the lookout for a man annoying children. and shoppers at safeway say that there are up to 10 incidents of shoplifting every day. why the store does not want police to help, coming up. people love my breakfast burritos.
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good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's go to steve paulson checking on the hurricanes. >> i'll do that in a few minutes. there is hurricane jose off the coast of new england and hurricane maria in the caribbeans and there is another hurricane, lee, behind maria. forecast highs are very tough. santa rosa 5 to 6 degrees warmer. that's what i'm dealing with here. a little bit of rain up on of the north coast. not much but that's a start.
5:32 am
i think some might make it towards us thursday morning. systems continue to work their way from the pacific northwest south. we'll get sun clouds, 60s and 50s on the temps. 55 to 61 oakland and also alameda but most temps in the low 50s to the north. so just depends on where you are. cool readings, a little bit of a breeze that will pick up later on today. mostly sunny to the south but all eyes will be on wednesday and thursday as a pretty strong system moves on for this time of the year. 60s, 70s to a few 80s. 5:32. san francisco, there was a problem. >> that's gone. freeways look okay. good morning to you, steve. good morning to you at home. grab that extra strong cup of coffee that you take on the
5:33 am
road or whatever potion you use and get on vacaville, fairfield commute into vallejo. some slow traffic on 37 getting away from vallejo. the commute is getting busier. carquinez looking busy. taking about 20 minutes and you will see the traffic is going to be slow at the bay bridge. metering lights did, indeed, come on. once you make it on to the bridge, looks pretty good into san francisco. 5:33, let's go back to the desk. an investigation in san francisco into a stolen gun that belongs to a sheriff deputy. >> the gun was stolen sunday while the deputy was off duty. the sheriff says that gun was taken from the trunk of a rental car parked in san francisco. the gun was not properly stored in a lock box as required and the deputy's gun has not yet been recovered. this follows other cases of stolen law enforcement guns
5:34 am
being used in deadly shootings, most recently in august. a 23 years man was killed in san francisco. back in 2014, the gun that killed kate steinle was killed by a gun which had been stolen. and in concord, safeway has seen crimes. employees say that they have been dealing with about 10
5:35 am
shopliftings. >> seems like the store is full of -- >> reporter: the 29-year-old store has been plagued with problems, according to the mayor. >> loitering out. there folks will steal from the store, take merchandise out without paying for it. the customers will see that and they'll call police. we have had homeless or vagrancy or trespassing issues. >> the mayor sent a letter to the parent company, al bestson outlining several problems. police would like to be able to cite or arrest trespassers and shoplifters. >> they were not interested in pursuing an authorization to arrest or other crime prevention options that our police department might be able to share with them and some other techniques and methods. they seem to think that their
5:36 am
corporate standards are satisfactory. >> safeway spokesperson respond by saying that we have information about the concord police department's authorization to arrest program. of the program is not presently entering these programs. corporate offices say that they have a number of security pleasures in place and employees agree this location has issues. >> we have problems with shoplifting. we have a problem with actual violence. we are trying to cut it all back. we are having problems like crazy right now. >> reporter: the mayor claims that authorization to arrest and cite shoplifters or trespassers will cust down on some problems. >> with the climate of police interaction, they probably don't want anything happening on their grounds. >> because this location is a stand-alone store, and the property en material owned and managed by safeway, the city's hands are tied. the store, however, difficulty agree to some changes. >> they would look at the cosmetic condition of the building and look at the
5:37 am
lighting. >> city leaders and police will again meet with store management. >> it's not my normal safeway because it does not feel -- does not have a great vibe what you have come here. >> reporter: rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2. police in belmont are searching for a thief wearing an unusual mask who robbed a donut shop early yesterday morning. take a look. he was wearing the mask of a star wars character. this surveillance video shows him pulling out a gun on the cashier at chuck's donut on railton avenue yesterday before 5:00. the robber is about 6'0" tall, husky build, wearing a green shirt, jeans and black and white van shoes. if you have any information about him, dual belmont police. of the federal equal
5:38 am
employment opportunity lawsuit has filed a lawsuit against chipotle. the they say that a male has been subjected to a female supervisor unwelcome sexual comments. aft employee complained to a supervisor, the harassment continued and other employees continued harassment. a spokesperson for chipotle says that of the company does not tolerate harassment or retaliation. the republican leadership in congress is pushing again for repeal of the affordable health care act. leech can senator john mccain who cast the deciding vote to kill the repeal effort in july
5:39 am
says he is disappointed that senate is again trying to pass a bill that has not been examined by committees with expertise and that has no democratic support. it the san francisco health commission will get a report this afternoon about the progress made in reducing the amount of hiv infections in the city. between 2006 and 2016, the number of newly diagnosed cases of hiv dropped from 530 to a record low of 223. at the peak of the epidemic in 1992, there were nearly 300 cases diagnosed every day. the number is dropping but there is concern. african american and latino
5:40 am
men are the most susceptible. there is an effort to create a safe needle site. a funeral and procession in san francisco will be held for fire battalion chief terry smerdel who died earlier on the job this month. he died september 10th. firefighters found him unreef responsible siev after he came back from an early -- unresponsive after he came back from an early morning call. he died of a heart attack. at the time of his death. he and his son were planning to go to houston, texas, to help clean up after hurricane harvey. family members and friends will be gathering in st. ignacius catholic church. 57-year-old terry gordon has been arrested. he was initially wanted for
5:41 am
shoplifting at a safeway on luelling boulevard. police tried to arrest him when he judged into vehicle and ran into officers. he was later spotted by other officers. he was arrested. he tried to ram police again but crashed his car. >> you never want to get a call that two members have been hurt. >> police say they received a lot of support from the community and that people are stopping by the san leandro police station to leave notes and flowers. a warning to parents who take their children to a park in berkeley. police say that man who was
5:42 am
annoying children is back out again. he was arrested after trying to feed an unknown liquid to children. he is now bark on the streets after being arrested. police want parents to be prepared. another barber shop forum was held to talk about race and police this time at a motorcycle club barber shop. this gives a chance for the public to talk to police. this gathered at motor club in oakland. the monthly barber shop conversations began last november. it's 5:42. ready or not, organizers of a free speech week are coming to berkeley, no matter what. coming up at 6:00, we have the latest on of the event despite a major hurdle on campus. new video of a deadly crash. this is in new york city.
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a bus crash. we'll tell what you we found out about the safety record of that bus company. good morning. you can see traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on 80 westbound heading out to the macarthur maze from richmond. we'll tell you more about the drive time here and for other commutes. [ engines revving ]
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when you drop a 603-horsepower v8 biturbo engine into one of mercedes-benz's finest luxury sedans, what do you get? [ engine stalls ] you get out of the way. 0-to-60 in 3.3 seconds. the mercedes-amg e63 s sedan. welcome back to mornings on 2. take a look at this footage of a bus accident in new york city. the three people who have died are a pedestrian, the tour bus driver and passenger on city bus. the tour bus company had been sighted in of the past for safety violation and was also
5:46 am
involved in a deadly collision last year. authorities say that excessive speed was a factor in the crash but they are still investigating. three people arrested last night in georgia during a protest after a va jill for a georgia tech student who was shot and killed by campus police. about 50 protesters marched to the campus police department after that vigil a car was set on fire and they clashed with police officers. two police officers were hurt. protest began after saturday night's police shooting of scott schultz, the president of georgia tech's pride alliance. police say he had a knife and was moving towards police officers refusing to put the knife down. there were protests in st. louis again last night but no vandalism was reported. this is the latest wave of demonstrations as protesters are gathering outsite jail in downtown st. louis chanting "free our people" showing
5:47 am
solidarity with the more than 80 people arrested sunday night. protesters raised the money to get out, at least 50 of them out of jail. protests broke out after a white police officer was found not guilty in the shooting of a black man. reports say that donald trump, jr. has asked for his secret service operations to be removed. he cites more privacy. it's unclear if his wife and children are protected. later this morning, san
5:48 am
jose mayor sam licardo, mineta international airport and frontier airline will announce that frontier will offer more non-0 stop locations. so far, front tier announced non-top flights between san jose and denver. nonstop to las vegas in november and austin and san antonio, texas beginning next spring. right now, it's 5:48. >> yes. >> getting more crowded on the road. let's go to sal. >> that's right. and we just had word of a new crash here, is the 101 before cesar chavez off ramp. i'm looking at that, seeing that traffic i was going to be slow on southbound 101. looks like someone in a motorcycle was hurt there. let's go toth tracy commute and show you the traffic moving along okay if you are driving on highway 580 in liver more. however, i will say that traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on 205 and 580, getting out through the
5:49 am
area. also looking at a commute here, where traffic is going to be busy on 680 southbound through pleasanton. driving on interstate 880 in oakland, it is okay. once you make i on to the bridge and into san francisco, look good but again, southbound 101, cesar chavez clearing a motorcycle accident. at 5:49, let's bring steve in with today's weather. we have a change in the air here, big time. >> south wind and north wind and that front health together and the breeze kicked up. 60s, 70s to near 80s. some areas such as lake county will be actually cooler than
5:50 am
others as in santa rosa. the cloud cover continues to move through. we get some breaks. partly sunny, partly cloudy. some scattered hit or miss showers, garden variety stuff. but, still, that's a start. we'll take it. you can see where the bulk of this is, into idaho and also the pacific northwest and parts of mon tan ya and wyoming. we are on the southern edge of it but enough to get the clouds going fog going. low 60s for some, near 60s for others. you can find some cooler readings in kelseyville, calistoga. occidental in the 40s. there is a breeze for some. it's onshore. for some, it's north. others, offshore. it's very variable right now and that is having an impact along the temps here. look for some of the cloud
5:51 am
covers and sunshine as well but a stronger system is on the way for late tomorrow night into thursday. 60s, 70s, to near 20s. clouds will continue to be on the move. if we get the first rain from the north, i think that will be early thursday morning. after, that fall begins on friday and warmer over the weekend. >> okay. >> steve, thank you. >> you're welcome. time is 5:51. when it comes to the a's plans to build that new stadium in oakland, there are groups for and against it who are speaking out. when we have come back, why the audubon society says they don't like that plan.
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former trump advisor paul manafort says that there are plans to indict him. new reports say that fbi wire tapped manafort before and after he worked for the election campaign. he was under investigation by a justice department team led by special council robert mueller. he is also under investigation by a justice department team led by special counsel robert mueller for possible
5:55 am
violations of tax laws, money laundering prohibition. some republican lawmakers in washington wants to get rid of a popular tax break used by millions of homeowners. republicans are determined to overhaul the tax laws and also delivering on a promise by president trump. they plan on doing away with tax deductions for mortgages. about 45% of taxpayers are deducting mortgages on their taxes. people in oakland are speaking out both for and against the new plan to built new oakland stadium near laney college. the audubon society does not like the plan. they say it will create more congestion in the area and possibly hurt the lake, lake merit. and a collision of groups, including laney students will speak out of against that proposed new stadium. a group of oakland business leaders are supporting the
5:56 am
stadium plan to build a 35,000 seat stadium west of lake merit between interstate 880 and 8th street. >> we cannot afford to have other sports teams leave the city of oakland. having a sports team in your city puts it on the map. that's also a tremendous revenue source. >> another proposed site is owned by the peralta community direct. the chancellor wants to make it clear, so far, there is no deal yet with the oakland a's. we are coming up on our 6:00 hour. coming up, the worst bay area commute. are you sitting on one of them? we are sharing the road with far more commuter than six years ago. president trump prepares to address the united nations general assembly for the first time today. i'm doug luzader in washington with a preview of what he is
5:57 am
expected to say coming up. still pretty crowded. in fact, more crowded as you drive into many parts of the bay area. the golden gate bridge traffic is now coming into play now. and the wind is coming to play for us along with bouncing temps. big change coming in tomorrow night and thursday morning.
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a new study confirms what many of us already knows. traffic congestion in the bay area has gotten worse over the past year. we'll have a live look at the conditions on the road this morning on westbound 80 and we'll take a look at the top five worst bay area commutes. and hurricane maria guesting stronger during the night. it is powering towards puerto rico. look at the pictures. we'll tell you where the storm is right now and the path of destruction. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning, september 19th. i'm pam cook.
6:00 am
>> and i'm dave clark. >> let's talk about your weather. steve paulson is over here. >> where. >> oh, there i am. is something other than just low clouds coming up. give this system credit. things will start to cool off over the next few days. first system coming through, kind of a teaser. second one will be a little stronger. a third one will drop in. 60s, 30s, 40s. santa rosa at 49. 52 by concord pavilion. strange temps here. some northerly breezes, west shore breeze, variable for


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